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An allegation of criminal or professional misconduct is a traumatic experience that creates confusion and uncertainty with one’s career and future. You put years of work and dedication into your education and went through a lengthy and rigorous process to obtain your professional license. It’s an achievement in which you should rightly be proud of. But then because of an accusation or a simple mistake, your integrity and competence may be called into question, putting your license and livelihood on the line. This also poses a risk to other people who may depend on your license or that of your business for their jobs.

At San Diego License Attorney, we’ve helped countless professional throughout San Diego and surrounding cities to tell their side of the story and obtain an outcome that allows them to retain their professional licenses. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the licensing process, the laws that govern it, how administrative hearings work, and effective strategies for defending your license against disciplinary action by your licensing board.

We have extensive experience representing professionals before a wide range of California licensing boards. In most cases, we’re able to have the charges dismissed or obtain resolutions of the charges. But when an agreed resolution is not possible, we’re always prepared to litigate the charges and even prosecute appeals to the appropriate appellate courts. In essence, we have the experience and knowledge to handle the matter from start to finish and provide our clients with an aggressive and effective defense that will reduce the impact of the accusations. We treat our clients with respect and understanding of their needs, objectives, and goals.

We have experience handling complaints involving:

  • Exceeding the bounds of your license

  • Fraud and misinterpretations to clients

  • Unprofessional conduct

  • Incompetence and/or negligence

  • Alcohol abuse

  • Drug abuse

  • Criminal arrests and convictions

  • HIPPA violations and other infractions involving patient privacy

  • Allegations of client/patient abuse

  • Failure to properly supervise assistants

  • Operating a business without a valid license

  • Inability to practice due to mental or physical conditions

  • Documentation errors

  • And more

We have a proven track record in successfully defending the suspension or revocation of licenses in San Diego. Our attorneys will explore legal options to protect your license and put you in the best position possible. Our goal is to protect your professional license, your livelihood, your reputation, and your career.

When a complaint is filed against you or your licensing board has launched an investigation into your practice, do not go through the process alone. Promptly contact the San Diego License Attorney so that your rights are fully protected early in the process. Call us at 619-728-7448 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

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In any criminal proceeding against a licensed professional, the state agency which issues the license may take any action that protects the interests of the public and promotes the interests of justice, as stipulated under California Penal Code 23. As such, your licensing board can appear in court and recommend the restriction, suspension, or revocation of your license if the allegations made against you are substantially related to your qualifications, duties, or functions. The agency can also be ordered by the court to furnish pertinent information or provide the assistance necessary to support disciplinary actions. These disciplinary actions may be suggested as a condition of bail or probation in a criminal case.

At these PC 23 hearings, it’s critical to retain the services a seasoned license defense attorney. At San Diego License Attorney, we understand the potential impact of disciplinary actions by your licensing board and are familiar with the administrative procedures. We know how to negotiate to protect your license and your ability to earn a living. We can also include substance abuse help and rehabilitation in any probationary plea if appropriate.



Defend Against Formal Accusations

Accusations are usually based on alleged violations of the law, which may be the result of a criminal conviction or separate professional misconduct. If your licensing board has sent a letter informing you of a formal accusation being filed against you, you should contact us immediately. You risk losing your right to defend against accusations if you miss the strict time limits within which you may respond.

At San Diego Defense Attorney, we work directly with the licensing board and you, the client to ensure that we file all the important paperwork, evaluate the evidence being used against your license, and explore options for defending your case. This may include negotiating a favorable settlement, addressing questions posed by the agency, or zealously defending your license during the administrative hearing. We’ve participated in hundreds of administrative hearings and are familiar with the strategic nuances, evidentiary issues, and key legal issues that must be addressed at a hearing. What’s more, we do not sit around and wait for investigations to be launched before stepping into action. We take a proactive approach to mitigation that will soften the impact of disciplinary actions.

Defend Against Citations Against Your License

Licensing agencies can issue citations and/or fines for alleged violations of the law. It may be tempting to ignore a citation because you’ll still retain your license. This is a mistake that you don’t want to make since citations may appear permanently on your licensing record and may serve as the disciplinary action against you. Get in touch with the competent and dedicated advocates at San Diego License Attorney to discuss citations and learn how we can prevent them or get them removed from your professional record.

Defend Against Temporary License Suspension

We defend your license against temporary suspensions or requests for an interim suspension order. An ISO is usually issued pending the completion of a criminal case in California court or an investigation by the licensing agency. We can help you get the suspension removed so you can perform your job duties uninterrupted before the investigation is completed.

Administrative Appeals and Writs

It may be possible to appeal the licensing board’s inaction or decision to deny a professional license or take disciplinary action against you. We will file the necessary appeals, including Writs of Mandamus in the exact manner prescribed by law. And since there are time limits within which an appeal may be filed, you should get in touch with San Diego License Attorney as soon as you learn of the disciplinary action taken against you and your license. We’ll ensure that the process is completed accurately and efficiently.

License Applications and Denials

If you’re in the process of applying for a professional license, we can help you compile information necessary to adequately prove your eligibility and address problems that may hinder licensure or speedy approval. If the licensing board has continuously ignored your requests or has already denied your license application, we will fight any Statement of Issues and vigorously defend your right to obtain a professional license. The licensing board may deny your application based upon your criminal history, prior discipline, or other acts related to the profession for which you seek licensure. We can find ways to challenge or clarify issues until the board approves your application.

Petition for Reduction of Penalties and Reinstatement

If your license has been disciplined, suspended, or revoked, we at San Diego License Attorney can work to seek its reinstatement or see to it that the penalty previously rendered is modified and reduced. Filing such petitions must be done with strict time frames, so it’s important to get legal assistance as soon as possible to maximize the chances of getting a favorable outcome.

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