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With the increasing cost of mainstream medicine and the rising popularity of complementary and alternative medicine, the role of an acupuncturist is increasingly becoming more important. But with this growth and need comes closer regulatory scrutiny. For acupuncturists practicing in California, this oversight fosters a stable and safe industry; however, it increases the risk of professionals losing their license if they find themselves the target of an accusation or disciplinary action. If a complaint has been filed with the Acupuncture Board of California, your license, career, professional reputation, and livelihood may be on the line.

Common allegations against acupuncturist revolve around gross negligence, substance abuse, abetting unlicensed practice of acupuncture, incompetence, improper advertising, and repeated negligent acts. Possible disciplinary actions that can be rendered by the California Acupuncture Board include citation and fine, letter or reprimand, license suspension or revocation, or stay of revocation and probation.

If you’ve been notified of a complaint against your acupuncture license, don’t go it alone. The San Diego License Attorney can help your present mitigating and exculpatory evidence that will see the discipline reduced or charges dismissed. We can even avoid the administrative hearing altogether.

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