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The care of those who cannot speak for themselves is a noble career to break into. But it also requires extensive training and a tedious license application process. The path to becoming a veterinarian is fiercely competitive since there are only a handful of veterinary schools and the requirements to join this career are very strict. But once you become a licensed veterinarian or veterinary technician, your expertise can be questioned by demanding or emotional pet owners. And since animals cannot speak or explain where the injury or pain is, sometimes their owners believe they can speak for them. This makes your hard-earned license, issued by the California Veterinary Medical Board vulnerable to citations and/or heavy fines, suspension or revocation. And even if a mistake did happen, it shouldn’t necessarily end your career.

Without adequate legal counsel and representation as your case proceeds with the board, you risk getting an unfavorable outcome. AT San Diego License Attorney, we’re skilled and fierce lawyers with experience in administrative law and can help you navigate the murky waters during the complex process. We’ll be by your side and will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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