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Your job as a real estate broker is a huge one, but being a licensed professional means that you’re subject to a rigid set of professional standards. The primary task of the California Bureau of Real Estate is to protect the general public from harm or financial fraud in matters that relate to real estate. Any violation of standards set by the BRE can result in disciplinary actions, which can lead to severe penalties, including license revocation and prohibition from working in the real estate industry.

If you’re under investigation by the BRE, your license and livelihood could be in jeopardy. Common accusations that could threaten your real estate broker license include various forms of professional misconduct and fraud. The BRE will employ tough regulatory measures to question your ability to hold your license. The process is complex and once you’re served with an accusation, you have a few days to respond and protect your license. As such, it is absolutely critical that you retain the service of a professional license attorney to defend against the accusations. At San Diego License Attorney, we have successfully handled many cases just like yours and know how to build you a case that will enable you to continue your career as a realtor. Don’t risk losing your hard-earned license!

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