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We trust our doctors to properly diagnose and prescribe treatment for our ailments. And with the trust comes a great deal of responsibility. Physicians and surgeons work in one of the most regulated industries and have to meet strict professional standards in order to obtain and maintain their licenses. Your license is essential to your practice but, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to defend your license from investigations and proceedings by the California Medical Board. A disciplinary action or investigation could be career-limiting or career-ending if it stems from false or exaggerated claims and accusations, employee or competitor complaints, patients complaints, or malpractice complaints.

If the board has sent a request for an interview or a request for records, that may signal a complaint an investigation. Getting a license defense attorney to intervene early in the process is important in ensuring that your case is handled properly from the start. At San Diego License Attorney, we’ve seen clients make all sorts of blunders such as failing to explain the issues, failing to turn over the requested documents, or not responding to the board at all. By getting us on board as soon as the matter arises, we can be able to create a strong defense, prepare for responses to complaints, and avoid missing important deadlines. But no matter what stage your case is in the process, the San Diego License Attorney can take over your case from that point forward and avoid other forms of disciplinary actions.

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