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Attorney Michael Taibi is able to handle cases in both Federal and State Courts and holds an exceptional standing with the California Bar Association. He has practiced law for more than 23 years and is a legal expert in handling both minor and serious matters along with those involving an investigation or disciplinary actions from the California licensing board.

Michael began his college years by graduating from the highly regarded liberal arts school, Davidson College by receiving his degree in the  Bachelor of Arts in Economics, he was also ranked in the top five percent when he took the LSAT entry exam for law school. During his college years, Michael remained active in college government as well as holding a position as President and Treasurer of Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Michael received his Juris Doctorate at California Western School of Law, and while he attended law school, he was the law clerk for one of the top criminal defense attorney families in San Diego County.  Michael received a valuable and practical education during those three years and learned what it means to be an attorney and how to best serve his clients in a variety of legal matters.

Michael’s law career began in 1992 when he was admitted to practice law in the State of California, and the day after receiving his acceptance, he walked into the courtroom and began litigating. He has full authorization to practice in all California courts including all State and Federal District Courts, along with Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court of California. His immense experience in the many areas of the law makes him a knowledgeable and aggressive advocate to work with when facing any legal threat, especially one threatening your professional license.

Michael Taibi has a full understanding of licensing laws in California and knows if the California licensing board has contacted you, are facing criminal charges or are being charged with any one of the vast crimes potentially resulting in misdemeanor or felony convictions, his experience as a litigator and counselor are your best chances for a positive outcome.

Facing possible disciplinary action with your professional license means you are facing a risk to your reputation and your future. You need someone like Michael Taibi, on your side who understands how the licensing boards operate, how they conduct their disciplinary investigations, how the statement of issues is processed, and how the administrative hearings and appeals are handled. Micheal has this understanding and is ready to sit down and discuss your legal options in a compassionate and caring manner.

Michaels demeanor and care of his clients has been recognized by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and the ACLA (American Society of Legal Advocates). He has a unique perspective of complex cases and clearly sees how they can be resolved to best benefit his clients. He is the attorney you want on your side when your license, reputation, and future are at stake.

About Our Firm

San Diego License Attorney is there for you when you need to defend your professional license and avoid disciplinary actions that could be taken by the relevant license-issuing board. We have more than 26 years of experience in the court systems of San Diego and have been providing our customers with individual attention through a team of expert attorneys, assistants, paralegals, and private investigators.

From your first contact with our office, during the consultation and right through to a positive outcome of your case, you will be treated with compassion and respect as it is our goal to treat each client as our only client. We will continuously update and share with you all aspects of the legal work involved and the planned strategies we will use to defend your reputation and your license.

At San Diego License Attorney, we know the amount of stress and helplessness felt by clients when they find themselves up against ‘the system.’ We understand the amount of time and training it has taken you to obtain a professional license and will fight hard to ensure yours is not suspended or revoked. With our legal expertise, you can receive the best possible outcome as we fight back against the system and minimize the impact of any complaints filed against you.

Contact us to schedule a free of charge, in-person consultation. We are willing and ready to meet with you seven days a week and can answer any questions you have regarding how this legal defense will work for you.  We will go over what we feel are your best options for your set of circumstances and discuss whether to try for a dismissal of the allegations or a plea deal to minimize the impact of the complaint.

At SDCA, we firmly believe one of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to hire an attorney before meeting with them in person. This belief is why we encourage you to contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to discuss your case and let us help you find a positive outcome to your legal situation. We want you to feel genuinely confident and comfortable with our advice before allowing us to take on your case.

At San Diego License Attorney, we put ourselves in our client's shoes, so we understand how a license-issuing board could potentially affect not only your career but your entire life. From the moment you walk into our offices, your goal to overcome these allegations will become our goal. It will be our top priority to help you through this unnerving and, sometimes terrifying legal process, which is what you deserve.

We are confident once you see our dedication to your case and understand how it will become our goal to handle all legal aspects, you will want us on your team. We value communication and will keep you updated throughout your case in 'non-legal,' straightforward, and in a clear manner, so you always understand your legal standing and situation.  You will have your attorney's personal contact information, so you never have to worry about how your case is progressing.

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