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The need for occupational therapists (OP) continues to rise owing to the increasing elderly population and the steps taken to streamline individuals with mental and physical challenges into the workforce. This makes the occupational therapist license among the most valued licenses in California.  Becoming a licensed OP in California requires rigorous training and a significant investment in order to get licensed to practice. However, despite your hard work and dedication, you may encounter a roadblock in obtaining your license or your license may be challenged if you are a practicing occupational therapist.

Allegations of poor treatment, substance abuse, professional misconduct, or a criminal charge can put your license and livelihood on the line. You may as well be denied a license based upon past criminal conduct, complications during training, your failures in the medical profession, or a negative mental health or substance abuse history. Such allegations can be a huge hurdle in your career but can be overcome with the help of a competent professional licenses attorney.

At San Diego License Attorney, we understand the ins and outs of the Board of Occupational Therapy as well as the laws that govern your profession. We provide strong, effective defense representation to help fight back against unfounded allegations and ensure that you obtain or maintain your license.

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