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Becoming a vocational nursing and psychiatric technician and qualifying for a professional license takes extensive investment in money, time, and effort.  Unfortunately, misunderstandings and false allegations are all too common in this job category. A single complaint made against you can be enough to result in the suspension or revocation of your license. An allegation of professional misconduct can come from a patient or family member, a disgruntled employee or former employee, an insurance company, a competitor or colleague, or a law enforcement agency.

If you’re facing a criminal charge or it’s alleged that you violated standards set by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, an investigation into your conduct will be launched. In addition to investigating if the allegations are true, the board will also check to see if they’re related to your professional service. This would significantly impact your ability to deliver quality services to your clients. It’s therefore important to take the allegations seriously and seek immediate counsel with a license defense attorney.

At San Diego License Attorney, our firm is dedicated to protecting professional licenses of vocational nurses and psychiatric technicians in San Diego. We are familiar with the process surrounding a complaint to your licensing board and can help you gather supporting evidence, draft persuasive responses, and negotiate with the board. You can also count on us to litigate your case if an agreed resolution is not possible.

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